Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy my quirkyness :)

I came to photography from the technical side - photoshop and color retouching have been my background. In fact, I am old enough to remember photoshop 1.0 - that was 30 years ago... it revolutionized the printing industry at the time, so I began to love it and have used it ever since! 

About 15 years ago I moved to photography as a way to express myself.

Night photography has been my passion ever since - the calm energy of the city or shooting scenes with the help of the full moon at 3 am by the ocean! This style of photography allowed me to take shots that I had not seen before in the realm of lighthouse night photography - my absolute favorite place on the planet is Pigeon Point Lighthouse in California.

I was asked to take my photography acumen toward the portraiture arena and about 3 years ago I set to the task - please check out my work and provide some feedback!